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    On September 13, 2018, China International Industry Fair held its opening ceremony in Shanghai, marking the success of the CIIF.
    China International Industrial Exposition, or China Trade Fair for short, was founded in 1999. Through specialized, market-oriented, internationalized and brand-oriented operation, it has developed into an international industrial brand development with the greatest influence in China's equipment manufacturing industry, which has been certified by the Union of international Fairs (UFI).
    An important window and platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. China Trade Fair is an important occasion for Chinese industry to show its strong strength to the whole world. As a representative member of China's industrial visual inspection, LIGHT actively participates in China International Industrial Exposition and is committed to seeking partners and high-precision industrial inspection and provide solutions for improving the efficiency and quality of industrial production.

    About Us

    Suzhou Oi-Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, located in the National University Science Park of Nanotechnology in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a technological innovative enterprise focusing on providing 3D machine vision inspection services and providing complete customized visual solutions for industrial customers.
    The research and application of optical graphic intelligence in vision technology, such as three-dimensional laser scanning, three-dimensional high-precision measurement, three-dimensional 360 degree contour scanning and random grabbing, are in the leading level in China. And actively cooperate with professional visual inspection companies and scientific research institutes in the United States, Germany, Japan and Switzerland, and constantly integrate international fields.
    First visual technology. At the same time of continuously improving the technical level of the company's products, innovation has become the leading supplier in the field of optical image machine vision inspection in China. It has rich experience and practical cases in foundry, rubber, automobile, electronics and wood industries.The products on display are as follows:

    360° Profile Measurement System

    In order to collect more accurate and comprehensive visual information from the object to be measured and provide algorithm analysis, 360 degree contour detection system collects information from 360 degree to eliminate detection dead angle. The system obtains thousands of data points around the surface contour for width, thickness, clearance, radius and angle. And other key parameters extraction and matching.

    3D Character Recognition System


    Oi-Smart, as the general agent of Photonfocus camera in Switzerland, presented the latest products of PF - MV0 and MV3 cameras at this exhibition. During the exhibition, Photonfocus technical support Marc and Chief Operating Officer Rane traveled from Switzerland to China to help with the exhibition. At the exhibition, PF showed you how to distinguish salt and sugar from MV3 camera.


    Through this exhibition, optical and graphic intelligence has gained rich harvest. China International Industrial Exposition is a grand gathering of international industrial integration and competition. We have witnessed the achievements of top visual and automation companies at home and abroad, and determined the company's future development direction. In terms of China's industrial detection, optical chart intelligence is announced.Enter the larger domestic market, and will be committed to the testing of China's industrial quality for a long time.

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