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    On September 8, 2018, Suzhou Oi-Smart Technology Co., Ltd. held an autumn development activity in Dayangshan Botanical Garden scenic spot with the theme of "founding excellent team and creating brilliant enterprise". The outreach activities focus on the theme of "teamwork" and "teamwork cohesion", aiming at improving effective teamwork and communication, enhancing teamwork cohesion, alleviating staff work pressure and closing staff relations.

    At 9:00 a.m. on September 8th, all employees gathered at the Suzhou Yangyang botanical garden scenic spot and began to expand their activities. First, the ice-breaking operation, under the guidance of the instructor's humor and wit, divides all the staff into two teams, orange and red, and deepens the mutual understanding between employees. The first development program is Yugong Moving Mountains. It is a team intelligence cooperation project. It mainly investigates the orderly and effective communication, pre-planning and team cooperation of the team. In the game, we need to keep a clear head. Every step of the team will affect the final victory. After intense and intense competition, the red team won the final victory.

    The last project in the afternoon is the life-and-death power grid. Team members need to cross a vertical "power grid" (rope network) with the ground. The shape of the network is composed of holes of different sizes and heights. Each hole in the power grid is a way of life. All the students need to escape through the power grid holes and escape from dangerous areas. Safe area. But no part of the body (including clothes, shoes, hair, etc.) is allowed to touch the net hole when all the students pass, which is called "electric shock". We need to make reasonable distribution according to the size of the players and the size of the power grids and cooperate with each other. Finally, all the members of Guangtu enjoyed a rich dinner in Pine Crane Tower and ended their one-day outdoor  activities with laughter and hapiness.


    Through this outdoor activity, we all benefited a lot and deeply realized the importance of team strength and teamwork. In the future, we can communicate effectively, improve efficiency and execution, and create brilliant future together.


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