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    Because of its special use, there are special requirements for its surface smoothness and defects. The light bamboo with low smoothness and more defects often can not meet the quality requirements of production. In order to help users eliminate the impact of this problem, we use 3D defect detection to monitor the production and processing process.
    1. product size: high 200 wide 156
    2. size measurement: length of optical spindle, diagonal and chamfer size.
    3. flatness measurement: surface level of light ingot
    4. defect detection: Section burr, line mark, edge crack, scratch.
    5. defect standard: two ends 4mm middle 7mm

    Principle -- 3D laser triangulation detection
    The principle of 3D scanning is to irradiate the surface of the product at a certain angle by line Laser and Camera. Each cycle collects the height information of a line. Linear laser is used as the transmitter, and reflects to the camera through the product surface. The height information on the line can be obtained by certain conversion of the light position on the camera. The 3D module (line laser + camera) scanning from top to bottom completes the 3D presentation of the entire product. In the process of scanning, the trigger of each frame data is usually obtained by the output signal of Encoder (A/B shaft) to get the current position information. Therefore, the length measurement accuracy of the product is determined by the accuracy of the encoder.
    Program description
    1.  Independently developed software platform
    2. Switzerland imported 3D camera, Germany Z-Laser laser source.
    3. It has strong anti-interference capability (surface reflection, external light interference, etc.).
    4. Inspection after image mosaic greatly improves the detection efficiency and avoids the inefficiency of conventional vision system.
    5. Scanning through the camera, and then visual inspection by software.
    6. Detect the size, defect and level of the device.
    7. Transmit the result of measurement to the computer terminal and process the data.
    8. Communicating the results with the master PLC through the Modbus Protocol (or TCP/IP).

    Detailed description
    Using 3D laser triangulation technology, the 3D point clouds of light bamboo were collected, and then the special position information of the 3D point clouds was amplified and measured to determine the surface characteristics of light bamboo.

    Testing Result
    1) transverse (Y axis) resolution can reach 0.08mm.
    2) longitudinal (Z axis) resolution up to 0.06mm
    3) detection of scratches and cracks.

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