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    Because of the characteristics of the electronic industry, Automatic Machine Vision Inspection (AOI) is widely used in various industries. On the one hand, it is used to replace manual testing, reduce labor costs, improve product consistency, and improve production efficiency; on the other hand, it is used for some manual testing requirements, such as PCB board, compact measurement of size, etc.
    Our company has rich experience in visual inspection in the electronics industry.
    1. Familiar with various testing requirements of electronic industry, including: solder paste detection of PCB board, component detection of PCB board, solder quality detection, automatic bar code scanning of PCB board, appearance detection of patch capacitance resistance, connector head/harness detection, component positioning, product appearance size measurement, etc.
    2. Provide professional advice on the renovation of the existing pipeline, and provide a complete set of visual devices, including electrical motion devices, AOI detection devices, product separation/marking devices. It can be integrated with the MES system of the factory to manage the whole system more conveniently.
    3. Strong development team, independent research and development industry professional machine vision Platform Suite OiVision, customers can independently solve most of the industry needs.

    PCB Solder Paste Inspection


    This project detects the situation of solder paste brushing on notebook motherboard, and detects the missing brush, multi-brush, conduction and incomplete solder paste points. Use linear array camera to scan and collect 7300*7300 super resolution image for processing. Each panel is collected and processed by 5S.

    Solder joint detection

    This project detects solder joints on components, including missing solder, spikes and less tin. The location of solder joints needs to be automatically searched. The project has been exported to Europe and has been recommended to European subsidiaries by domestic customers. Detection time <200ms.

    Mainboard CPU Pin Detection


    1) detect the integrity of pin, and do not lack pin or pin.
    2) detect whether the angle of pin is bad, within 3 degrees.
    3) detect the sink pin and float pin.
    4) detect mixing.
    5) detect foreign bodies.


    Firstly, the area of pin is judged by the position of the template, and the angle between pin and pin head is calculated. Finally, the sinking pin and floating pin are distinguished in a small range.


    Component positioning / surface detection


    1) check the location of the components (positive and negative) and deflect correctly.
    2) detect component characters to prevent mixing.
    3) Deploy projects on smart cameras, without industrial computers and monitors, similar to sensor detection, direct IO signal output.


    By installing the system sensor on the guide rail before installing the customer equipment, the processing time is <20ms.


    LED Screen Inspection


    This system is applied to the lighting and appearance detection of various LCD screens. It can automatically detect the bright spots, light leakage, white spots, foreign bodies, speckles, MURA, black spots, uneven color, scratches, bubbles, wrinkles and other defects in the production process of LCD screens.
    In view of the problems in the process of making LCD screen, the night color of LCD screen can be judged by controlling the illumination of LCD screen by the controller.


    1) The detection system can be used for lighting and visual inspection of finished LED screens with various dimensional resolutions.
    2) It can clear and recognize the dust in the process of LED detection automatically, so as to reduce the detection error recognition rate.
    3) Product detection accuracy: minimum detection capability, defect per pixel of LED screen;
    4) Detection speed: the whole detection time is less than 1 minute for the whole product (red, green, blue, black, white and grey).

    Connector head detection


    1) Terminal shrapnel sag;
    2) Terminal piece is warped PIN.
    3) Terminals lack PIN;
    4) Terminal without puncture;
    5) The hook is missing PIN.
    6) The hook is sunk.
    7) Insert the wrong PIN hole on the terminal.
    8) Shell deformation.


    The project is a multi station inspection project. A total of 4 workstations, each station detection side, 4 sides of the simultaneous detection. The first position is top shooting (overlooking), the second position is front shooting (shooting internal pin and size), and the third position is side shooting (shooting bilateral shrapnel).

    Wiring harness detection


    1) Detect the correct alignment of the two products on the pipeline.
    2) Check the right and left sides of the product line is inserted into place, check the metal points in the middle.


    1) improve the one-time pass rate of FPY;
    2) we should rely on staff inspection to reduce labor intensity and reduce labor costs.
    3) enhance the technological image of the factory in the customers, and give them full confidence in the quality of the products.


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