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  • Crystal micro battery detection solution

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    Crystal microbatteries have large output and high quality requirements for high-precision detection (um). At present, artificial vision detection and physical measurement methods are adopted. Due to the limited physical strength and energy of human body, fatigue will occur during long-term observation and measurement, which can not guarantee 100% controllability of product quality detection.
    The following benefits can be obtained through machine vision detection:
    1、reduce the labor intensity of corresponding posts, reduce the number of corresponding posts, and reduce the professional quality requirements of personnel.
    2、machine testing is faster than manual, reducing costs and improving efficiency and accuracy.
    3、have the statistical analysis function of unqualified factors, improve and promote product quality service.


    1、check whether the product BSF layer has (oval / non ellipse).
    2、check whether the product area is filled or not.
    3.、Size measurement
    4、real-time display of test results
    5、Output measurement results to Excel (format supplied by customer)
    6、efficiency: 1 pieces of /min (a total of 60 points)





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